Corbels and Cornices 

This page is a celebration of masonry buildings in Kitchener, built during the time it was called Berlin (until 1916).  Brick is an important, if not defining element in the evolution of the Kitchener's downtown cityscape.   


The main elements of masonry detail in Kitchener are the brick cornice, and the brick corbel.  The figure to the right shows a brick cornice with corbelling (a and d), and dentil courses (b and c), capped with a galvanized-iron ogee crown mold (e).  

The images on this page demonstrate how these elements can built in a variety of forms and in numerous combinations.


When trying to imagine what Berlin looked like, our gaze falls to the masonry buildings of yellow and red brick used for industry, commerce, and residences.  For the most part these buildings are simple and plain.  BUT, there are details of striking interest.




Each brick has its own identity.  Here's one, presumably engraved by a brickworker (?), in a house on Richmond Avenue built in 1904.